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Now available -
Antipodes Collection Volume Three!
Mark's latest release containg many new compositions, including the popular suites:

Beaches of Harris
Tir Nan Og
Back On Track,
the latest in Mark's "train tune" series, premiered by Scottish Power pipe band at their recent "Energy" concert in Glasgow.

... and many more new tunes. Here's the contents list:
Volume Three Contents


Antipodes Collection Vol One & Two

Mark Saul's collection of contemporary bagpipe music, containing many popular tunes played and recorded by pipebands, soloists and folkbands. Including: Hellbound Train, Murray's Fancy, Master Blasters, Bronni's Blue Brozzi, Acid Piper, Megalomania, Adrian's Obsession along with many others waiting to be discovered!

To view the contents of each book, click the links below:
Volume One Contents
Volume Two Contents

Special offer: Get both books!

2 Books
$ 37 US

Free sheet music

Tunes from the Mixolydian CD:
Latest tune to be added: It's an Instrument

1. The Gateless Gate (Bagpipe parts, .pdf 335k)
2. The Gateless Gate (Bagpipe Slow Air, .pdf 156k)
Forget the Golden Rules
4. JourneyToTheCentreOfTheCelts (p1, .pdf 603k)
5. JourneyToTheCentreOfTheCelts (p2, .pdf 534k)
6. Beyond Intro (p1, .pdf 408k)
7. Beyond Slow Air (p2, .pdf 272k)

8. A Dimension
9. Digital Breakdown (Bagpipe parts, .pdf 422k)

10. It's an Instrument (Bagpipe parts, .pdf 396k)
11. WickedTrainOfThought (Bagpipe parts,.pdf 224k)
12. E minor End Theme (Bagpipe parts, .pdf 335k)
13. E minor End Theme (Violin & Cello, .pdf 117k), Inc. is an authorized retailer of Mark Saul.


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